Wednesday, January 19, 2011

5 Tips for Saving Money on Pizza

When I first started to make homemade pizzas I didn't last long. I guess I had a skewed vision of what a homemade pizza really was. I think there is a difference between homemade and assemble at home. I declared the make ahead variety as expensive as ordering a pizza. Here was my logic...

1 Pre made Whole Wheat Crust: $4
1 Jar of Sauce: $2.00
1 Bag of Cheese: $2.50
1 Package of Pepperoni: $2.00

Total= $10.50...and that's not even for a specialty pizza

Tips for saving money on pizza

1. Make your own crust
-After I really began cooking most things from scratch I began to wonder if I could pull off homemade crust. It seemed kind of scary, but I soon discovered it couldn't be easier. Homemade crust doesn't have that cardboard flavor that the prepackaged ones often have and it will cost you just pennies to make.

2. Make your own sauce
-After successfully making the crust I ventured out and made my own sauce. It takes two cans, a few spices, and a quick whirl in the food processor. I would factor that with sales I can make it for $.75 and that is enough for 2 large pizza's.

3. Keep an eye out for cheese sales
-A few times a year grocery stores run great cheese deals. When coupled with a coupon you can score cheese from FREE to $1.00 a bag. When I spot these deals I always buy about 20 to stash in the freezer. They will keep a long time and all you have to do is pull on out and top the pizza.

-You can also check at your local dollar store. I know our Dollar Tree always has bags of cheese for $1.

-Blocks of cheese are also a great way to get cheese a little cheaper. There is a little work involved in shredding, but you can count it was your arm workout for the day :)

4. Re purpose leftovers as toppings
-Have a little extra green pepper left over? Don't throw it away...just put it in a freezer bag and save for pizza night.

-Have a chicken breast left over? Dice it up and save it for pizza night!

5. Make "Pizza Night" a weekly thing
-Your family will love you for this one. This is one of my biggest tips when it comes to menu planning and keeping the grocery budget down. Incorporate 1-2 meals each week that are easier on the wallet. You can make a pizza for about $4...add some salad and you have a frugal meal that nobody will complain about!

What are your tips for saving money on Pizza?


Tiffanee said...

Great tips!!Eventhough I love homemade pizza sometimes it did cost me more than ordering one. Thanks for the great ideas. I can't wait to try out the sauce.

LouAnne said...

Wondering ideas! We have homemade pizza nearly every Friday, along with family movie night. :-) It's often the highlight of our week and SO glad it can be done frugally!

Regina said...

I've discovered making pizza dough in my bread machine! Love it - and it's super easy. Lots of varieties to try!

I will have to give the pizza sauce a shot! I love that we can have this favorite meal for cheap at home!

I even freeze my pizza crusts and keep several on hand so that I can have a fun AND quick meal on hand.

Misty said...

When I first started making homemade pizzas, I did have the thought that I wasn't "saving" much but once I racked up some $1 cheese and began making your sauce... well, it was a no brainer.

My only other "tip" is I buy the big pack of Pepporoni at Costco. Pepporoni is expensive, so they have a HUGE pack for around $8-9. It makes a lot of pizzas... If I can keep kids from snacking on it. :)

Katie said...

@ Tiffanee- You will love how easy the sauce is! You will be on your way to saving mass money on pizza.

@LouAnne- I hear ya! Friday night pizza and a movie is a great time :)

Katie said...

@Regina- I may have to try the bread machine dough! I have frozen my quick pizza dough and I always freeze the sauce...can't get any easier than that!

@Misty- Yes, the cheese and sauce will save a ton. Love your tip! I always buy a pack at Meijer for $1 and it is enough for 1. I will check Sams' prices out :)

Jackie said...

THAT'S how I make pizza,too. Homemade is SO much better,plus we can use healthier ingredients! One way I cut back is to make a cgarlic cheese pizza with no meat. Great post!!

Anonymous said...

My kids think I'm the coolest mom EVER when we have homemade pizza! I let them choose their own toppings, as well as put it all together... little do they know I'm actually taking a BREAK from cooking and letting them do all the work! Only trouble I have is getting a thin crust pizza- I can't seem to roll it or stretch it thin enough sometimes. Que Sera, Sera.

Katie said...


Garlic cheese pizza...what a great idea!!

Katie said...


YES! A night off for you and everyone loves it!!! Awesome! Crusts are kinda hard sometimes to roll thin. My Papaw's pizza crust (recipe is on here) rolls out pretty thin for me. You may try it sometime!

Tammy L said...

Katie, these are some excellent tips! :) I especially like #4! I have been doing that, but the way you worded it makes so much sense! :)


Katie said...


Thanks!! Yes, #4 will save a bundle alone!!

Living with Three Boys of Our Own said...

We love love love pizza night! I always make a bunch of crusts and freeze them so it's easy. Haven't ventured into making my own sauce yet, but I think (with your inspiration) I'm going to give it a try!

Katie said...

Living with Three Boys,

You have to try making sauce. It is way easier than making crust (and that is pretty easy)!!

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